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Henrik Rudberg, Sales Automation-expert, President & Founder

"We set up targeted B2B campaigns by phone, e-mail or web to your exact segments so you'll get a maximum amount of Sales Qualified Leads at a rate and cost that you can handle."



Establish European Presence & get European clients at a fraction of the risk and costs.

Establish virtual presence

Establish virtual presence, clients & revenue before establishing offices, staff and costs and speed your market entry from 18 months to just weeks or months

Reduce time, costs & risks

Reduce time and the risk and cost of hiring, motivating and keeping initial staff from min $300 000 to $60 000



Incorporated as Sonician Ltd, UK, in 2008 and as Sonician AB, Sweden, in 2013. Set up in Morocco in 2014 (office, no incorporation).

Languages spoken

Current staff fluent in:
English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Swedish, Romanian, Norwegian.

Business areas

Business, Sales & Marketing Strategy & Tactics including Marketing Automation, Web & our own Softtalk B2B Callcenter


What can we do for you today?
Your EMEA Sales & Marketing Project Manager

Whether you want to have someone to actually contact leads directly, to access EMEA best practices, or to adopt new strategies for achieving sales in Europe, this may be the service for you.

With a full time contractor under our supervision, you can opt for sales directly, and with a part-time contractor working with you as little as 1-2 days per week, we can do from just one or two of the areas below, to all (although then it'll likely again be at least one full-time, or even more, individual(s)):

  • Lead-Generator: Increase your reach via proactive marketing generating to get the right kind of exposure in your network and industry, and benefit from accumulating qualified leads.
  • E-marketer: Attract new subscribers by sending them well crafted visual email newsletters and correspondence and access instant reports on the results
  • Telemarketing: Calling your leads if that is needed in order to qualify them.
  • Social Media Coordinator: Improve your social media expertise & presence, and social ROI by managing and updating multiple accounts at once i.e. Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn
  • Website Management: Increase performance of your marketing communications on the website by content updates and managing your internet reputation in multiple languages
  • Data Analysis: Launch strategic responses to a wealth of customer insights derived from email marketing and tracking/analytics data.
  • Web Marketer: Maintain Google Adwords and/or banner ads to optimize ROI in multiple languages

We normally report to Director of Sales/CEO/CMO on a weekly basis with the following data:

  • Campaign results: provide vital data on campaign success such as click performance, amount of opened emails, what urls were clicked etc.
  • Actual leads gathered from calls or website visits accompanied by contact details and sales ready leads indentified by lead scoring (inserted into CRM if applicable)
Get «free money» to set up in EU

We help you get free money – to be able to pay us to help you get more clients ;).

How's this even possible?

EU wants to have more businesses established within its member countries. To spur this, grants come available every year. Is this completely free money? Well, kind of half-way, since they most often require you to chime in at least as much as they spend, but otherwise, it is of real help. Also, it leaves none in the read as they also enjoy having the money go back into taxes and consumption within a member-country since they require you to have a local partner to help you with your market entry.

Now, we think you understand our business model, and how come we often can accomplish twice as much at a about half the cost!?

It's a win-win-win deal as you win the market scouting, we win business with you, and EU hopes you'll get traction and stay.

About the grants

Many of the larger (€30,000 and upward) can only be applied for if you already have a business within a EU-country. However, particularly some of the available funds up to €100,000 may be used to finance your market-entry.

Virtual Presence Package

If you're not yet sure about going after clients in EMEA, but still would like to show a European presence, you might be interested in our Virtual Presence Package. It includes local phone numbers and physical addresses as well as attendants ready to handle basic enquiries, and fully able to transfer more complex ones to the right individual.

Starting at $200/month.

Principal Marketers

Henrik Rudberg

I'm passionate about working with other devoted professionals in helping to exploit your business to its fullest potential, particularly when it comes to how you can handle how to get and retain customers most efficiently and how to eliminate waste of time and money!

Expertise: Industry, IT, Software, e-commerce, Telecommunications

Stefan Wikström

I've worked with Internet-based marketing, business development and sales since the end of 1990s. I'm convinced that marketing automation is a very strong strategic instruments in gaining more sales and alleviate marketing.

Expertise: Manufacturing, Internet, Telecommunications

Fleur Ait Grain

My work passion is clear and results-oriented communication. My unusual background is spanning from logic (mathematics & programming) to business communication and languages and pedagogy. The cross-fertilization makes it easier for me to tell the small differences which will tell winning from loosing ideas.

Expertise: Consulting, Communication, Marketing


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